Hunger Action Month - About WIC

The Women Infants Children program (aka WIC) is a great resource for families with children. In fact, most of LIFE Houston referrals come from the WIC program.

WIC helps pregnant moms and families with children between 0 and 5 years of age. They provide food packages that allow families to purchase fruits and vegetables, milk, cheese, baby food, baby formula, and other essentials.

Families with infants can choose between three options:

1) Full breasfeeding

2) Full formula feeding

3) Half and half

The slides above show the packages for full formula feeding, since most of our clients opt for that package.

Between 0 - 3 months, the WIC program gives 9 cans of formula, which makes about 840 liquid ounces of formula. This is enough for 28 ounces per day.

Between 4 - 5 months, the WIC program gives 10 cans of formula, which makes about 940 liquid ounces of formula. This is enough for 31 ounces per day.

Between 6 - 12 months, the WIC program gives 7 cans of formula, which makes about 658 liquid ounces. This is enough for 22 ounces per day.

**the average can is about 12.5 ounces and makes about 94 fluid ounces of formula

As seen above, babies often eat more than what WIC provides.

The WIC program is a supplemental program and provides

approximately 2 to 3 weeks worth of formula for per child.

When families run out of formula, or when they are waiting for their benefits

to be available, LIFE Houston is here to help.

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