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Get Assistance

Do you need emergency formula?

Please call us at (713) 528-6044 for more information.

We answer the phones between 9 am - 4 pm on Monday - Thursday and 9 am - 2 pm on Friday.


Please visit the locations page HERE to see our sites. 

Caregivers of infants between birth and 12 months can get emergency formula. We will need to see:


  • ID with a photo for baby's parent or caregiver


  • 1 official form showing baby's full name and date of birth


  • If your baby uses a medically-necessary formula (like Sensitive, for Spit Up, or Alimentum), we need to see a note from the doctor or a current WIC shopping list. Please see below for details. 

What you need to bring

Forms we can use include...

...the "Verification of Birth Facts". This is usually in the hospital papers. 

...WIC or Medicaid card or papers,  only if it shows the baby's birthday.

...a Statement of Paternity

...a doctor's note for formula

...other hospital papers that show the baby's date of birth


We cannot use...

...the Social Security Card or the WIC card. These do not have the baby's birthdate.

...the shot record because those are hand written.


Please call us at (713) 528-6044 if you have questions about what you need to bring.

Our Services

​L.I.F.E. Houston's Food for Hungry Babies program provides emergency infant formula. When in stock, we also provide baby cereal and jarred baby foods by request. At times, we also have other items that may be available.


We have various formulas in stock. These include:


  • Milk-based formula (HEB Advantage, the generic version of Similac Advance and HEB Premium, the generic version of Enfamil Infant)


  • Soy-based formula (HEB Soy, a generic soy formula)


  • Lactose-free formula **needs a Dr's note (HEB Sensitivity, a generic version of Similac Sensitive) **needs a Dr's note


  • Milk-based formula with partially-broken down protein  **needs a Dr's note (HEB Gentle, similar to Enfamil Gentlease and Similac Total Comfort for Discomfort)


  • Formula for medical needs **needs a Dr's note (Similac for Spit-up, Similac Alimentum, Similac Neosure, Similac Elecare, Enfamil Nutramigen, Enfamil Enfacare, Nutricia Neocate)


Additional Support & Outreach

Along with baby formula, clients receive information and referrals in both English and Spanish.

We share information about:


  • Proper infant nutrition

  • Formula preparation and use

  • Applying for WIC 


We also provide referrals for other community resources and we have information about various government programs. Click here to learn more about additional support and outreach


Please call 2-1-1 if you have questions about other needs (legal, housing, other food, medical).