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Updated hours for Acres Homes!

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Hey there families, we are SO excited that we have some later hours for y'all!

We now stay open until 5:30 pm at our Acres Homes site, starting on Thursday, Dec 17.

This will help us be more available for our working families and others who can't get there earlier in the day.

Just a reminder, the Acres Homes multiservice center is at 6719 West Montgomery Rd, Houston, TX 77091. Click HERE for a map, or visit our locations page HERE.

As always, please call us with questions at 713.528.6044.

If you're coming to get formula, please bring:

1) a photo ID

2) baby's birth facts or birth certificate

3) a prescription or doctor's note for medically-necessary formulas (this includes Sensitive, Gentle, for Spit Up, Neosure, Alimentum, Nutramigen, & Elecare)

We'll see you soon!

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