Donate Baby Care Items

Baby Care Contributions

Donate Baby Care Items

We are dedicated to making sure that all parents can feed their hungry babies. There are dozens of food pantries and food banks around the region that supply food to hungry children, but we are the only agency that provides infant formula and baby food. Because the brain grows more in the first two years of life than during any other point in a child’s development, it is vital for infants to get proper nutrition early in life.

Along with infant formula, babies need many other care items.  L.I.F.E. Houston accepts the following donations:

  • Infant formula, baby cereal, and baby food (Please check the expiration dates prior to making a donation as we cannot give credit for expired items and we DO NOT distribute expired goods)


  • Diapers and wipes (ALL DIAPER SIZES NEEDED)


  • New clothing (Infant clothing ONLY, up to 18 months)


  • New children’s books and toys

If you have an item that might make a child smile, let us know.  Please contact us at 713-528-6044 if you have questions about your giving wishes.