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Getting Started

Getting started is easy


Please call us at 713-528-6044 if you have questions.


If you are ready to visit us, please find the closest L.I.F.E. Houston location here.


If your baby uses a specialty formula (like Nutramigen, Alimentum, Similac for Spit-up, Enfamil AR), we need to see a note from the doctor or a current WIC shopping list.

Do you need formula?

For your first visit, we will ask you some intake questions. This might take about 30 minutes. If you have visited us before, the visit will be shorter, maybe 10 or 15 minutes.

We can help with about 6 or 7 days worth of formula, depending on how much your baby eats.
We can also help with cereal or baby foods, depending on your baby's age and what we have in stock.


Caregivers of infants between birth and 12 months can get formula. We need to see:


  • ID with a photo for baby's parent or caregiver


  • 1 official form showing baby's full name and date of birth

Forms we can use include...


...the "Verification of Birth Facts". This is usually in the hospital papers. 

...WIC or Medicaid card or papers,  only if it shows the baby's birthday.

...a Statement of Paternity

...a doctor's note for formula

...other hospital papers that show the baby's date of birth


We cannot use the Social Security Card or the WIC card. These do not have the baby's birthdate.


We cannot use the shot record because those are hand written.


If baby uses a special formula (like Alimentum or Nutramigen), we need to see a note from the doctor or a current WIC shopping list.


Please call us if you have questions about your baby's form or your own ID.

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