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Baby Formula for the Next Two Months!

The Feeding Hungry Babies Program at L.I.F.E.Houston is proud to announce that The Houston Food Bank was able to source over 7,000 lbs of formula for L.I.F.E.Houston at a reduced price. Thanks to this donation, the agency will be saving over $6,500 and will be able to distribute enough formula to feed 600 babies with food for a full week over the course of the next two months. This is a direct result of the strong collaboration between The Houston Food Bank and L.I.F.E.Houston. In addition, almost half of this purchase will be donated by the Houston Junior League. The delivery of over six pallets of formula arrived at L.I.F.E.Houston and the work of offloading the formula and storing it was accomplished in part by 20 girls from the Incarnate Word High School in San Antonio, who were in town for a soccer tournament. They also helped make diaper packages for our clients. With their help, L.I.F.E.Houston will be poised to continue to serve its clients after over 26 years in operation.

Shop at Kroger with your registered Kroger Plus card and help our agency all at the same time!  Link your card at 


For more information on how to link your Kroger Plus card with L.I.F.E. Houston, you can print out this letter.

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